My Favorite Images from 2012…


First, in order to select my favorite images from the past year, I like to distance myself from them so that I have a somewhat fresh eye. So three months into the new year, I went back to review last years images for the first time. My criteria for favorites is mostly subjective rather than technical. Put simply, I picked the images mostly on how I responded to them upon review. Also, I wanted the selected images to be representative of the whole year, so my choices include at least one photo from each month.

Lastly, none of the photos shown here were commissioned but rather are simply examples of my creative recreation. Reviewing my 2012 photos reminded me of how much I enjoyed making each one and it’s my hope that you enjoy viewing them too. All of these images are also available as high-quality prints in a variety of sizes.

28 images are presented in chronological order –as captured from January through the last day of 2012. 

To view the images click for lightbox gallery.