I think that every photographer hopes that today is the day that the “perfect” photo is created. For my nature photography, this is what motivates me to spend hours observing and waiting for that moment where I can capture unique behavior or genuine gestures that tell a bigger story. My goal is to record more than just an ordinary documentary type of image of any particular subject, whether that be a bird or a business owner. Rather, my intent is to honestly depict my subject in the context of their place and ideally, in a manner that evokes an emotional response.

For practical reasons, photography was not my first career choice. But after 14 years, it’s been the most rewarding. The adage of doing what you love was never more true. I’ve been fortunate to learn fundamental photography skills by participating in numerous workshops and studying the work of many well known photographers. But ultimately, the greatest learning environment is the one that finds you out in the field or in the studio shooting. As a full-time freelance photographer, it’s the odd day that goes by that doesn’t include me aiming my camera lens at a subject. So, I’ve learned so much by the mistakes and successes of making thousands of images. To be sure, it’s an evolving process, and I am constantly working at improving my skills.

I have a variety of interests and that is reflected in my photographic work. I enjoy both nature and commercial photography. With my wife of 20 years and business partner, we do graphic design work as Pixel-Gym. Our client list includes well-known companies such as Salesforce, Comcast, and Kikkoman but smaller-sized businesses are our bread & butter. We have been successful in providing our clients original photography in conjunction with design work at reasonable prices that represent an alternative to generic stock images. While the majority of my images are utilized for our clients projects, I am available for assignment too. And we have an expanding catalog of images that are available for licensing. 

Hope to see you out in the field or better yet, in front of my camera.


All images copyright Robert Stronck. All rights reserved. 

Robert Stronck

Robert Stronck